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System Development

I am a fullstack developer. For the past few years I have been working with Java (JEE), JSF, Primefaces and Hibernate. However, I have some knowledge of PHP (Doctrine, Laravel, and Lumen) - which is the programming language I really like to work with - Javascript (Vue.js, jQuery), CSS (Stylus, SASS). You may know more about my professinal skills on LinkedIn.

Here's some stuff I've done.


It is a web drive site such as Microsoft OneDrive, it is still under development but there is a stable build which is fully functional. You can access it here or to get access to the latest features you should access the dev branch here.

Metro Explorer

Explore files using JS. Obviously, it will not modify any file on your server. It will only make a metro UI where you can browse through your files easily. You can know more about Explorer and also get its documentation at

Metro Notify

Notify is a metro UI library which will let you display metro like notifications easily. You can find examples of usage and its documentation at

Metro UI

It is the website where I have written the documentation of Metro Notify and Metro Explorer. They are following the Windows 8 Metro concept. There is also another web site under development though. It is being developed using Slate.

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